Intelinair, Leaf Form Collaboration Agreement to Better Serve Ag Retailers, Farmers

Intelinair and Leaf have announced a new collaboration agreement that will more efficiently serve ag retailers and farmers throughout the growing season. In the agreement, Intelinair plans to use Leaf’s API to better serve its customers.

“Through this collaboration, Intelinair adds more efficiency in integrating with OEM data sets, which allows AGMRI to provide more robust data analytics and insights to our customers,” said Kevin Krieg, Intelinair’s Director of Business Development. “This integration allows farmers and ag retailers to more easily access data and track field performance throughout the growing season which ultimately enables more timely decision making.”


“We are delighted to have Intelinair join the Leaf ecosystem,” said Bailey Stockdale, CEO and co-founder of Leaf. “It is exciting when a talented team has a clear understanding of how they can use Leaf to deliver new value to their customers and that is exactly what we have seen with Intelinair. We’re excited to see how Intelinair continues to support farmers and their trusted advisors and proud of the role we are able to play with Intelinair and their customer base.”

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Intelinair will use Leaf’s Field Operations and Field Boundary services to retrieve consistent Field Operations data from external data providers, while also automatically associating that data with the correct Grower, Farm, and Field across each customer’s data sources. Intelinair will then use this data across their applications to enhance their suite of analytic tools and equipping farmers and ag retailers with more robust, timely insights. Data use will follow user permissioning and agreements.