Farmmee, TerraClear Pair Up to Remove Rocks from Farms

In an effort to offer another service to Farmmee users and to remove their most troublesome rocks from farm fields, Farmmee and TerraClear have banded together. Now, farmers who use the free Farmmee service to find experienced farm help or other ag services will have a “rock picking” category from which to choose.

TerraClear uses artificial intelligence and robotics to help farmers get rid of costly and time-consuming rocks in their fields. TerraClear maps fields to identify the location and size of rocks. The map can be accessed via the company’s mobile app. Farmers can then use the app to generate and follow an efficient path for removal with the TerraClear Rock Picker or simply request the service to have the rocks removed. TerraClear’s solutions work in most field conditions, including fallow, with stubble or residue, fully planted, and more.


TerraClear was founded in 2017 by Bret Frei, former CEO/co-founder of Onyx Software and co-founder of Smartsheet. Farmmee was launched in Iowa in 2021 by ag tech experts Molly Woodruff, Cindy Rockwell and Becky McCrea.

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Farmmee connects farmers with experienced labor to hire and connects experienced service providers to short- and long-term engagements with farmers. Rock picking makes the 26th category farmers and providers can use. Examples of other categories include farmhand, baling, combine, drone services, hauling, manure spreading, tillage and welding.

“When an opportunity to present premier service providers to Farmmee users, we like to highlight them,” Cindy Rockwell, Farmmee director of business development, says. “TerraClear was awarded the 2023 Davidson Prize for its TC80 Rock Picker by the Association of Equipment Manufactures and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, so we know their products are well vetted.”

Trevor Thompson, president of TerraClear, agrees.

“Farmers can’t afford to have rocks damaging increasingly expensive farm equipment,” he says. “Farmmee will help us achieve our goal of bringing this solution to farmers tired of dealing with rocks. Together, we’re helping solve one of the oldest problems in agriculture, and we’re excited about this partnership.”

The Farmmee app is free for all. Service providers pay $9.99 per job they accept. Farmmee lets users and providers negotiate their own rates and does not take a cut of the fees. The app is available in The App Store and Google Play. Users can also access their accounts from desktops or laptops at