FarmLogs Now Connected to John Deere Operations Center

FarmLogs, a farm management software for growers from Bushel, an independently owned software company and leading provider of software technology solutions for growers, grain buyers, ag retailers, protein producers and food companies, now offers key equipment integrations to reduce manual entry into farm operations.

FarmLogs subscribers can now connect their account to their John Deere Operations Center account to automatically create Activities. This new capability allows the seamless transfer of field work captured by equipment monitors. By doing so, subscribers can reduce the amount of time spent entering data, keep accurate records across systems, automatically calculate cost of production, and more easily determine their farm’s Profit & Loss down to the acre.


“The reduction of manual data entry is our top priority in order to continue to provide the best farm management software experience for growers,” said Jesse Vollmar, Vice President of Farm Strategy at Bushel. “We will continue to add integrations to the platform that provide instant value and insights for the grower while reducing the burden of collecting and formatting data in a way that can be analyzed and shared with stakeholders.”

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For Business plan subscriber tracking under 3,000 acres, machine data integrations are available at no additional cost. Click here for more details on how to set up the account integrations. For FarmLogs subscribers who have input purchases logged they will see Profit & Loss populate automatically based on the field work completed and inputs used in their John Deere Operations Center account. The Profit & Loss feature provides detailed visibility into operations on an acre, field, crop, and farm level.

Current farm and grain data-sharing processes are manual and fragmented, resulting in lost productivity and revenue potential. Bushel and FarmLogs’ technologies aim to solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges and bring the grain supply chain together through connected, standardized and properly-permissioned data. Bushel’s product suite includes its flagship mobile app, websites, trading tools, market feeds, API services and a custom software division focused on agriculture. Bushel acquired FarmLogs in June 2021.