FarmLogs and Nori Connected to Ease Enrollment for Growers into Carbon Marketplace

FarmLogs, a farm management software for growers from Bushel, an independently owned software company and leading provider of software technology solutions for agriculture, has announced an in-app integration to allow growers to easily enroll in Nori’s blockchain-backed carbon removal marketplace.

This continues the vision to reduce manual entry for farmers and find more ways to unlock rewards for sustainable farming practices. Growers can opt to share select field-level information required to participate in Nori’s program. This will ease the burden for growers to understand the opportunities for carbon markets.


“Many times work around sustainability initiatives can be very aspirational. This is a great example of real work being done to make it easy for growers to participate in a new revenue opportunity and reward farmers who continue to be stewards of their land,” Dane Braun, Vice President of Farm Strategy at Bushel said. “Verification is no longer about binders full of documentation. Rather, by a click of a button, farmers can control the permission of what they share with Nori for enrollment.”

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Nori focuses on carbon removal rather than emissions reductions or avoidances. Its innovative marketplace provides substantial financial rewards to farmers, who use regenerative farming practices that involve soil carbon sequestration. Soil sequestration is the first of Nori’s carbon removal offerings, with additional methodologies coming to market in the future.

“Through working with Bushel, Nori is streamlining the farmers’ experience of enrolling in a carbon market so they can spend their working hours farming, not record chasing,” Rebekah Carlson, the Agriculture Supply Lead at Nori, said. “Our goal is that farmers profit both from the yield of their crop and the accumulation of their soil carbon. We are building a natural partnership with the Bushel team as we share values around supporting farmers, ensuring data privacy and continuously improving our processes.”

Current farm and grain data-permissioning processes are manual and fragmented, resulting in lost productivity and revenue potential. Bushel and FarmLogs’ technologies aim to solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges and bring the grain supply chain together through connected, standardized and properly-permissioned data. Bushel takes an agnostic approach to working with agribusinesses and farmers. Strict data-permissioning and security practices are adhered to throughout Bushel’s ecosystem of agribusiness partners.