Intelinair, Yara North America Collaborate to Further Optimize Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Intelinair and Yara North America have announced a collaboration to bring together the nitrogen modeling power of Adapt-N with the analytical power of Intelinair’s AGMRI. This unique offering will further support ag retailers, crop consultants and farmers in optimizing nitrogen use efficiency in their corn crops.

“Through a combination of Intelinair’s AGMRI early season analytics around stand establishment and crop health, coupled with Yara’s Adapt-N science-based nitrogen modeling, we will enhance nitrogen management for corn for the next growing season,” stated Tim Hassinger, Intelinair CEO. “Additionally, through this collaboration nitrogen insights will be automatically generated throughout the growing season and customized to management zones within each field. Farmers can adjust if needed to fit their budget, forecast and management approach.”


Through AGMRI’s integration with the John Deere Operations Center, this variable rate information can be sent to the machine to precisely apply the right amount of nitrogen in precisely the right place to optimize the yield potential of each corn plant, ensuring an optimized nitrogen use efficiency and a more sustainably grown crop.

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“Improving economic, agronomic, and environmental outcomes for our customers is paramount at Yara. The integration of Adapt-N with Intelinair’s AGMRI allows automated insights to further refine the Adapt-N model and create improved outcomes for our joint customers,” said Bret Shaw, digital sales and commercialization development manager, Yara North America. “This integration fundamentally changes the way that nitrogen modeling is applied to the corn cropping system, the value this brings to the market will be immediately evident by allowing farmers to adjust their nitrogen needs based on the most accurate and timely data possible.”

This integration is an additional feature within Intelinair’s AGMRI product and the option to use Adapt-N and AGMRI independently of each other will remain available to customers.