ADAMA Receives EPA Registration for New FullScript Herbicide

ADAMA US received registration from the U.S. EPA for its new herbicide, FullScript, which is a component of the FullPage Rice Cropping Solution that improves hybrid herbicide tolerance and generates industry-leading yields.

“Rice growers know it’s easier and more economical to deal with red rice, barnyardgrass and broadleaf weeds earlier rather than later,” said Dave Feist, Seed and Product Collaboration Strategy Leader for ADAMA US. “FullScript is another tool that they have to control resistant weed pressure in their fields.”


FullScript is an easy-to-use advanced liquid formulation that controls many yield-robbing weeds. The FullPage rice seed from RiceTec has superb tolerance to the herbicide. As a new component for the FullPage rice system, FullScript can be applied early postemergence (at the 2-4 leaf stage) in conjunction with the Preface and Postscript herbicides.

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The three herbicides from ADAMA are engineered specifically for the FullPage Rice Cropping Solution. This integrated system provides an additional tool to maximize weed control.

“With FullScript, growers get both resistance management tool and rotational flexibility,” said Leandro Pasqualli, Business Development Director for RiceTec. “Whether rice growers want to expand weed control and rotate to Max-Ace rice or to another crop, they have the flexibility to manage their fields the way they need to.”