New Product to Bring Additional Herbicide Active Ingredient to U.S. Cereals Market

Corteva Agriscience will introduce an additional herbicide active ingredient, tolpyralate, into the U.S. cereals market upon obtaining U.S. EPA registration, as a component of a product to be launched for use in wheat and barley.

Corteva has entered an agreement with ISK Biosciences, an agricultural chemical business, to introduce tolpyralate to the cereals market.


As a Group 27 herbicide, tolpyralate is an underutilized mode of action in cereal production, with less known resistance than commonly used Group 2 and Group 9 herbicides. Tolpyralate, a proven tool for corn growers, will now provide an additional tool to cereals growers by supplying control of key grasses, such as crabgrass, foxtail and goosegrass, and key broadleaf weeds such as kochia, lambsquarters, velvetleaf and waterhemp. As an additional benefit, the active ingredient offers a new alternative for kochia control, to be used as a part of an integrated weed management plan.

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Corteva will announce the brand name and future plans for the new cereal herbicide at the 2023 Commodity Classic in Orlando. The new herbicide will contain tolpyralate and an additional mode of action. The product will be available upon obtaining registration, which is anticipated before the 2024 growing season.